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Neat Freak

Stumbled across this site today. Oh my….

SUBMISSION: Iberica skateboards

SUBMISSION: By Finnish stylist Susanna Vento and photographer Kristiina Kurronen.

Tools of the Trade - The Calligrapher http://www.facebook.com/manifestodesigns

createthegroup:  Louis Vuitton’s The Art of packing

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Scrumptious Pantones

These are too beautiful NOT to share. Emilie from Griottes created these delicious pantone tarts, which I am truly jealous about! They look amazing and the idea is simply stunning! I want to look at them forever, but also nom them right up!


via: luckypony and plentyofcolour

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You’re my type

I’m doing a bit of typography research for a wedding project that I am working on and have found some lovelies on MyFonts – I must admit, I do want them ALL! I am a bit girly when it comes to typography, I am a sucker for swirls.

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Will you be my…

I did these cards for my friend Jess, who was looking for something a little more than just a question to be asked.

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So, what’s been going down?

Since January my brain seems to have gone on some sort of strike and has turned into a lazy teenager. Bad brain, BAD! So I have finally ‘ground’ it and told it to stay in and do it’s ‘homework’…

I have not been too busy this year but have done a few little bits and bobs (which I will pop up shortly) but over the next few months I am going to be rather stacked with work and life! I am terrible at To Do lists (I have lots of lovely notebooks, and boy do I mean lots, with plenty of To Do lists that get forgotten about as soon as my Magpie traits kick in and I get a new shiny notebook)

so hopefully this post will give me a little kick up the butt and be used and updated!

First on my list, which I am extremely excited about, is getting involved in the Dragons Custom Toy Show, this will be my second custom, my first is still WIP – so it’s nice to be doing something for a show rather than just a personal project.

Next, which I am rather far behind on, is creating the Robot Quilt for my nephew Mika. I will be using the patter from Boo Davis – Dare to be Square. The problem that I have though since moving from up North is trying to find good quality but not ridiculously over-priced fabrics. I am going to have a hunt in Brixton though over the next few weeks.

So those two are my immediate plans of attack. Starting small, but getting them done. Best policy? I hope so! We also have our America trip to plan and trips to Wales EEEP!


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