June 6, 2020

Photo-ing [ 16.04.14 ]

Delayed photo uploading. Life has been all the ups and downs and then I tend to lose focus a little. So here’s me trying to sort it out. More photo’s on my Canon 100D with the strict instruction from Sam to only use the Manual settings. I also bought the A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions and experimented with them too.

Lovely Junko-face…

IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0168

Exploring the Tate Modern.

IMG_0164 IMG_0162 IMG_0160 IMG_0158 IMG_0157 IMG_0156 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0148 IMG_0146 IMG_0142 IMG_0139 IMG_0138 IMG_0137 IMG_0133

Having some coffee at Leon’s.

IMG_0132 IMG_0130 IMG_0127 IMG_0124 IMG_0123

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