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This week I will mainly thinking about:

  • My driving test next week. I can’t believe it really, I sometimes often put a lot of pressure on myself saying “you’ll never be able to do that” and other totally useless negativity, but this time I kept my goal completely focused (with extra added positivity, which doesn’t always come easy) in my head and now the time has COME! I am feeling pretty good about it. Obviously I would love to pass but I also don’t want to put too much pressure on for the day.
  • Freelancing! This week is all go to get out there as it’s my last week at my currently role! Scary but exciting!
  • Updating. Updating. Updating. I don’t know about you, but I find the task of keeping my sites updated one of those projects I always procrastinate around. Promising myself that I WILL do it ‘tomorrow’. This is really bad. It’s where people will go first to have a nosey at the work I do and I know that I have a fair few projects that I haven’t posted ANYWHERE yet. Bad Lauren. So this is the week! 
  • Clean eating. I got this app: Clean Eating Recipes as I saw a friend post about it on Facebook and I decided to give it a go. So far I have tried the Chicken Satay and the Lemon & Chilli Chicken and they are all extremely tasty. It’s a great app and the recipes are very simple to make. So I’m getting right back on it this week and I am looking forward to trying more of them out. Do you have any good food apps?
Yurt at Dapper Camping Club
  • Planning future getaways. I really really really would LOVE to go ‘glamping’. I am constantly on the Dapper Camping Club site daydreaming about being there. But right now, it’s just a bit too far out on the budget. We’ve decided that we WILL be camping this year though, so I have been looking at some pretty awesome tents. How awesome are these old canvas tents, I HAVE to have one!

Some pretty things for your eyes:

Awesome work by Eight Hour Day

Pretty fonts I want need on Myfonts:

Carolyna Pro Black

And finally, some MEGA CUTE facts from Holly from A Little Stranger’s  new character Usagi


Usagi Fact

Soooooo cute!


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