22/03/14 life

Oh…. Life

Oh…. Life

It’s been just under a year since I last blogged. It’s been a weird time. Like really weird.

Over the last year a lot has happened. New jobs. Life changing. All of this was really great for some things, like becoming a little more confident in myself to feel at ease in new situations and being able to work in new creative roles and media. But it also brought a lot of doubt, that is always hard to push away. Am I good enough? Everyone else is doing better than me. It this, or anything, actually right for me? Unfortunately these thoughts help make me my own worst enemy. From that stemmed a whole bunch of weird doubt in who I am and what am I doing? It made a little cloud of negativity float around my head day in, day out. And it was tough. Everything felt really strange.

So, from this I am trying to find that a new happy place. Less doubt. More happiness. Less worry about what other people think, or are doing with their lives. You only have one, so you might as well make it the best right? (To be fair, that is a lot easier to type then actually put in to practice, but hey ho)

I want to make a more personal space where I can share my thoughts, and I want it to be an honest place for me. Bad days, good days, grey days, neutral days. It’s more of a challenge for me I guess. I’m not very good at opening up. But I want to. And if that means using the internet to chat to strangers because it’s easier than doing it with the people closest to you, then I think for now, it’s ok. It will still be a little Lauren hub of things I am working on, be it work or craft. And nice things I’ve seen. So, not to worry, it’s not all deep and meaningful.


I saw this on the Brave Girls Club Facebook page and thought it was pretty lovely.


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22/02/13 life

The quickest business/pleasure trip. Ever.

Last week was a pretty crazy week. My brain is now a little frazzled. But my 7 day jaunt to South Africa was just lovely! It was a mix of work and fun. Just the way any little trip should be I think! So to sum it up in pictures:

We spent a lot of time:


Taking photos.
Eating some more.
mmmmmmm MILK TART! Best tart in the whole wide world :)
Drinking coffee.
And being silly.
It was so lovely being back. It really was. I am excited for all the bits and bobs that me and Nix will be continuing to work on together in the future. And for Lady Lauren Loves to totally be an international business lady.

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04/02/13 Dinner , Les Trois Gracons , life

Dinner at Les Trois Garcons

I absolutely LOVED Les Trois Garcons.

It’s not the type of price range that you would casually pop there for an impromptu dinner, but it is amazing for that special occasion. My friend Jules and I got the Tasting Menu deal from Groupon, and I am really glad we did!

(The high quality photos are from Les Trois Garcons‘ site and are not mine. My iPhone pics were a little too dark to do it the justice it deserved)

el texto que sea

The decor is ridiculously quirky (which is a plus in my book). From pugs in tiara’s, handbags hanging from the ceiling to sideways giraffe heads popping off the walls.

We started our evening with a Cosmopolitan; every girl needs a cocktail before dinner right? It was divine. For our meal we had the 6-course taster menu. Perfect to get a true feel of the food served and a little bit of heaven on each plate. Each dish was delicious. Really really delicious! If you want to have a little nosey at the menu, take a look here.

I had a lovely evening, the staff were really friendly and atmosphere and food just fab. I highly recommend! I have definitely added dinner here to the ‘Possible things to do for my 30th‘.


L xox

Sea Bass with mouth-watering foam!
Venison with super amazing…everything
Nougat glace a la noix de coco

Apologies for my low res iPhone pictures, I was too nervous to take a million photos with my flash on.

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28/01/13 life , Monday , musings

Monday musings

This week I will mainly thinking about:

  • Updating my current portfolio Lady Lauren Loves to fall more inline with the blog.
  • Updating my work on there too, this is a long time coming :)
  • Making blog post lists/schedules and being a little more organised.
  • Moving around our second bedroom to transform it in to an office that we can both use, FINALLY.
  • Starting my driving lessons, I’M SO EXCITED!
  • Eating better meals (I will post recipes and pics at the end of the week).
  • Reading Oh Joy!’s new book Blog INC. I’m really excited to get this, as I have already read Joy’s Creative, INC. and Meg Mateo Ilasco’s Craft INC.
What will you be up to?
L xox

To ease in to Monday, here’s a little bit of internet pretty.

Cute illustrations – The Art of Lim Heng Swee
Always bring your own sunshine
Hug Keep Us Alive
Gorgeous packaging for Helt Honey by Studio Arhoj
01 23 1 helthoney 2
01 23 1 helthoney 8
Really awesome offices (need some inspiration for ours)
cute workspace #desk #office
Some of the food I am looking to cook this week, from BBC Good Food
Sea bass with sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onions
Chicken in balsamic, orange & rosemary sauce
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